Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bandsaw log sled and resaw fence for any bandsaw

I cant take credit for this design but after chasing around the internet for a while I landed on this simple solution.

I believe Mike in Paradise Newfoundland may be the originator.

It's just a cradle with a parallel "keel" to fit into the bandsaw miter slot.
It uses a 1/2" pipe clamp as the log gripper.
*One caveat:* the logs are heavy and can tilt the BS table. I will be cutting a support stick for under the table shortly to prevent this.
I will also be drilling some additional holes to reposition the bar clamp in the cradle ends as the need arises.
To set the depth of cut I just set my fence to the correct width and slip the first end of the log up to it then pass the entire log past the blade and set the back end.
p.s. I should have used my 3/4" resaw blade but forgot to change it in my haste to make shop time more valuable

Well it didn't take long to find out that I needed an out feed table/slider on these logs. They are quite heavy and difficult to handle by yourself so I rigged up this slider that rests on top of my outfeed table for the table saw.

Here's a different shot of it in case you want to copy me .
The frame is notched to fit the miter slot on my bandsaw table and I attached it using a spring clamp for now.

The actual sled lines up with it and slides into a trough to keep it lined up when it exits the blade.

Here's shot of the rig packed up for storage I wanted the outfeed to nest in the sled to save space and it does .

I still have to modify the bar clamp and stabilize the bandsaw table for the additional weight but the hard stuff is done now.
Here's the modification to the bar clamp with one of two screws in the steel plate dangling down in front of the adjustable end of the bar clamp. I am trying to prevent rotation of the log during movement.
p.s. the screws are ground to a dull point

I also added an led light to the setup today using a flexible book light and a couple of magnets in a block of wood. I have to remember to turn it off though.

Heres a shot of the light in place on the saw.
They are really inexpensive now and this one came with 5 extra batteries.(All for a buck!)

Now we are going to need a* resaw fence* for the slabbed lumber and the exotic stuff from the lumber vendors.
I just used scraps of this and that to build a box over the bandsaw fence to extend the height .
This should prevent cutting "wedgies".
Here's a shot from the back side showing how it sits over the fence.
On Saturday I will get some slotted nuts to secure it when I'm slicing.
I deliberately used MDF for the face of the fence as I have found it more stable than other solutions.

Here you can see a test piece sliced into three.
I ran the piece through the saw a couple of times to give myself a flat bottom to run past the blade and slipped it through with a push stick at the end.

The last shot shows the three pieces flat on the table.
The light I rigged up yesterday is comming in quite handy.



Mark Shymanski said...

I think I'm going to pattern my sled after yours. Thanks for posting all the details!

Really liked the flashlight idea also!

Glen Powel said...

The light is a great idea. Did you adapt one or is that exactly how you purchased it? I've looked but can't see anything like it. Where did you buy it?

Baker-online said...

Great information on Band Resaw and Woodworking Machinery! Your blog feature much of the same content that I have come to expect here.


martino amello said...

I just ran across this after taking a peek at the sled made by Carter and realizing how simple their device is. Izzy Swan made something very similar for the table saw.
I'm very limited with floor space and the fact that my bs is a 14" model as well, but some minor tweaks and modifications and shorter logs, well branches really should be pretty easy. I have been freehanding them then hand planing, but you can only imagine how much fun that is to get a square piece. Hint: It's not as much fun as it might seem.. Thanks for the ideas. It gives me a lot to ponder over the summer months.

Galen L. Joyce said...

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