Saturday, May 8, 2010

Finally 1/4" extensions that hang on to the bits

Over the years I've probably purchased a half dozen different quarter-inch bit extensions all of which have failed for one reason or another. Either thay were too long or too short or too wobbly or just plain junk and end up frustrating me every time I attempted to use them.

This morning I went out to check a couple of vendors that supply these devices to see if there were any improvements.
The first store I checked had a set five but they were sealed in plastic and the sales clerk was too busy to answer some questions I had about them so I left. (they were probably rejects off some factory floor in China anyway.

I went to another tool store and the clerk I spoke to there had no clue about what was asking for. (Funny,I thought that would happen on the way over there)

Finally, I ended up at Lee Valley and found these extensions.
They're well-made they fit well and have a good durable finish and are definitely easy to spot in my toolkit.

From wood stuff 2010
Those little red hoods you see in the picture are spring-loaded and pull forward to insert a drill bit and slide back to lock it in place.

Here's a shot of the tip with the tool but in place.

From wood stuff 2010
The black part of the shaft is free from the main shaft and allows the shaft to rotate should you need to support the drive with your hand is shown in the next picture.

From wood stuff 2010

Should the need ever arise to have a 3 foot extension you can snap them all together and put a drill bit on the end of that. Just kidding.

From wood stuff 2010

Take 20 bucks with you if you are shopping for a set.

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